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Ranti (Remember) - Ebere

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Remember that earlier, we saw how Ebere started her journey into the official world of music in this post,well, it is not a hoax that Ebere did return to the scene with a full force. It was more like singing "I Want it All Back!" by Tye Tribbette (haha). In a bid to find herself, Ebere engaged in different activities to help enhance her talents and skills as regards music and it was in one of this ocassion, that she found Ranti (Remember).

Ranti is a song that tells the of a mother and her son. It speaks volume of family, love, committment, betrayal, reflection and ultimately, reconciliation, attributes, which are relevant in every society and family. Ranti is a soulful emotional song. Listeners have expressed that the song makes them miss their mother/father or loved ones who played significant roles in their lives. The video has been able to portray the message the more and you can see the full music video here.

May we love, may we find love, may we be loved.

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