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Ranti 'Remeber' {Acoustic}

Here's an interesting story for you! So, following the release Ranti (Remember), as seen in my previous post, Ebere was receiving lots of comments especially from the people located around her. They were very interested in her music but the language was a barrier as they could not capture ALL the message Ebere was trying to pass. With this in mind, as well as the creative input from TEAmusic, one of Ebere's producers, who felt that the song should not pass by without a reprise due to it's soulfulness and potential impact, Ebere then went ahead to record the acoustic version of Ranti 'Rememeber' and it turned out to be mind-blowing! The audio and video to the music can be found when you click here.

As expected, the feedback was awesome and the people in her immediate environment could relate to her songs whilst enjoying that afro-soul feel! We hope you like it too!

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