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Latest Releases: Discography


August 2021

Born out of passion, 'Azunna' is the brand new release to come from Afro-pop sensation Ebere. Although a fictional story, writing 'Azunna' released a flood of emotions for Ebere. This upbeat and catchy single is about giving your all to a relationship. 'Azunna' is about passionate love, but also love for her culture and an intense love and joy for the time she spent living in an Eastern Nigerian village. 'Azunna' is a euphoric track that captures the beauty and excitement of love and life.

AWE (cover)

July 2021

Enjoy this deluxe version of AWE by ASA. This cover is extraordinary and EBERE has personalized the song than you can imagine!

awe cover ditto.jpg

L.O.L (Beatdbeatz)

May 2021

L.O.L is a 5 track E.P put together by EBERE as her entries to the BeatdBeatz talent hunt put together by Nelson Jack and MasterKraft.

EBERE takes the listeners through different Likes Of Love (L.O.L), identifying different facets of romance and the ups and downs therein. The EP transitioned from the pain of losing someone you love, lusting, falling in love, fighting for love and eventually, letting go of a haughty love. This piece of work consists of elite music producers in Nigeria and you won't think twice to herald how EBERE has graciously beautified the entire project with her sweet voice.

Debt Paid

April 2021

From all of us at Ebere Music, we say Happy Easter. Enjoy this evergreen acapella, that commemorates the prize that the risen Christ has to pay.

Debt Paid 3000.jpg

For You

February 2021

Ebere has showed incredible effort and skill on this cove of Teni Entertainer's For You creating a more sensational music delivery. You got to love this one!


February 2021

Ebere's long-awaited debut album, UNVEILING is finally out! This hot musical project promises to shed more light on the ever-gifted singer & songwriter. Do enjoy!

Bum Bum Control Album Art.png



While waiting for her Debut Album, Ebere decided to hop on the afrobeats artiste, Yemi Alade's two songs and make a mash out of them with a topping of gravy! Enjoy this masterpiece.


January 2021

Waka is now available on variety of digital music platforms. Get the confidence you need to opt out of that ugly scenario! WAKA!!!

Waka Official Art 3000x3000.jpg


December 2020

Bambiala now available on ALL digital platforms. Link below.

Ranti 'Remember' {Acoustic}

August 2020

Based on popular demand, listen to the acoustic version of Ranti 'Remember'. Out now on all digital music platforms.

Boomplay Ranti (Remember) - Ebere

RANTI (Remember)

June 2020

After a long break, Ebere releases a comeback song endowed with life lessons and pleasure. Ranti (Remember) OUTNOW in all platforms!!!

Your Love

March 2015

Fresh on the official music scene, Ebere brings you a pure gospel classic with an afro fusion. Dance Away!!!


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