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What is the noise about?

So barely 4 days after releasing the official music video for Ranti (Remember), Ebere dropped another bomb, or, another banger like she tagged it. Haha. And to top up the cake with icing, Ebere premiered Bambiala's Music Video alongside the audio, which makes it a double dose of fun! So you get to hear the song as well as see her true feelings! Mad o!!!

This time around, it's not a solemn song. it's a hard song! The "if frankness was a song" type of song! Ebere used the song to basically call on service providers meet up with expectations. Truly speaking, it can be quite frustrating when you've paid for a service but you're not getting the service that is required. Makes you want to go berserk like those chickens in chicken invaders, hahahaha. Oh dear! I must have some residue of such services to quite relate well with this song. hahaha.

In essence, I'm beyond words. I think we should be expecting bigger banger from Ebere in the near future, or what do you think? Let me know in the comments after you've listened and watched. Don't forget to gift someone with EbereMusic this Christmas and put a smile on their face.

One Love!

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