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It is happening again!!! It appears Ebere is not joking at all with her music affinity. While we are still grooving to the recently released BAMBIALA by this diva, she has dropped another chilled tune for us. Back to back yeah? I don’t want to think that this song is personal but, who knows right? What do you think? Hahaha. Anyway, I believe that skilled artists can draw inspiration from within and without themselves! Enough speculating, lol.

When I saw the title WAKA, what came to my mind was the famous Fela’s “waka waka” song. Ebere’s WAKA turned out to be unique and relatable with the realities of love and relationships. WAKA tells a love story between two lovers whose love has gone sour. Indeed, healthy relationships are desirable for everyone however, all parties involved are expected to fulfil their own end of the bargain. Relationship is give and give from all participants and an unrequited love is the most unbearable heartache one can ever experience. I won’t wish that for an enemy even.

If you are looking for that song to strengthen you against negative people and associations, WAKA is your go-to, any time, any day. It is chilled yet empowering! Now go Listen and tell me your opinion.

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